Thursday, September 10, 2015

Night breeze at Pcolo

Night outing with my best friend. Kind of stress lately, so the cure would be desserts. Is not stressed spell backwards is desserts ^^

We have had hot caramel latte with churos special...<3

Sunday, August 9, 2015


(Checkpoint 1: KTM UKM)
This year, I made a memorable birthday celebration. I brought a friend along with me and we were on a mission. 
First mission-find gifts for me worth RM50 at KL Sentral (Checkpoint 2).

Second mission:Find a bouquet of roses. Outside Checkpoint 3:LRT Masjid Jamek 
Third mission:Find Hotel Pudu Plaza.
We walked and walked until our feet felt sore and my smartphone died. So, we took a taxi at Times Square. 

Checkpoint 4:Room 910 Hotel Pudu Plaza.
The queen bedroom is full so we got superior king bedroom without any extra charge.
Fourth mission:Celebrate my birthday and make it memorable.
Below were the memorable moments.

Enjoying the night with heavy rain and thunder enveloping the city centre. 
Fifth mission: Enjoy the breakfast.
Not as I imagined. The food werent varities. It didnt has the air of exclusivity in the dining room. 
We checked out at 12 and were on our last mission
Sixth mission: Find delicious food in KL

Checkpoint 5: Chow Kit road.
After journeyed back and forth on monorail, we managed to have our lunch at Chow Kit Road. Laksa Kedah. Delicious. I would suggest next time we should inquire people who is familiar with KL if we want to enjoy delicious and considerable price food.

The tired faces of having to walk miles and miles...since UKM bus left us and we couldnt wait anymore. 
End of two days and a night journey. Full with memories.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


I am unable to sleep tonight.
And everytime sleeping is hard, I will hear his verse.
"If you want to sleep, you never think about going to sleep, you just sleep. Thats how you get to sleep"
Since it was an Introduction to Philosophy class, it sure has a deep meaning.
Just like the other verse,
"A person becomes good if he uses more part from his navel and above, but becomes bad if he uses more of his part from navel and below."
-Sir Ghapa Harun-

As for today, I would say, whether you think about death or not, you will surely get one.

May his soul rest in peace.

Friday, July 31, 2015


Title: “The Future of Islam in Malaysia: Clash or Peaceful Co-Existence”  

Jasser Auda is a global think tank based in London, previously he is a professor teaching at the Qatar Faculty of islamic Studies in Doha, Executive Director of Maqasid Institute, a founding member and a member of the executive board of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, a member of the academic committee of the International Institute of Islamic Thought, and a Fellow of the International Institute of Advanced Systems in Canada. 

He wrote a PhD thesis on the Philosophy of Islamic law in the University of Wales, UK, and a PhD thesis on systems analysis in the University of Waterloo, Canada, and a M. Jur. thesis on maqasid/purposes of the Shariah in the Islamic American University. Early in his life, he had studied Fiqh, Usul, hadith, Sunnah, and memorized the Quran.

Second on the left is Prof Dr Redzuan Othman. Expertise in Turkish history and politics.

A great discussion indeed with quite critical questions from the audiences though I find some of the questions did not worth mention. Anyway, there is no stupid question, one of my lecturer claimed. 

All the two and a half years of efforts paid today. Alhamdulillah...
Just a few more steps towards the finishing line.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sipping hot lemon tea with jazz music on the background.
Excerpts from the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act of 2002 (New Zealand) 2002 No.33 (17 October 2002) looks like a love letter from a gentleman.
Mon chéri.